What we DO (do do)

Whether you are thinking of getting pierced and want to know how it will look, or just want to have fun “piercing” your friends, family or pets, ipierce is for you. iPierce is the application that allows you to add real piercings to any photo.

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What we R (rrrrrr)

We are two women, friends for more than 20 years, it’s been a long time since we put ideas into words but not so much into deeds, yet something has changed:
we met Lorenzo - who with his wide
know-how and competent way
manage to “cook” our recipes,
expanding our range.

We're excited by creativity and always try to invent something fresh new
so, we join our abilities powers to develop applications for you.

So sit back and watch.....
we guaranty you plenty of splotch!

Who we R (uu)

Mira Summerfield

From Paisley shape to Yoga
she can give her wise advice like one wearing toga
navigating the internet like captain Cook
always with something juicy on her fish hook
Bright ideas pop out from her mind
leaving everyone far behind!

Lorenzo Bonazzi
  From Microsoft.NET to Objective-C
he speaks them fluently
combining letters into commands
bring us a true vision of our abstract drafts.

Sarit Nahum
  Changing career is one of her hobbies
pilot, silversmith, photographer, even animal rights lobbyist
her creativity lit up one day
and gathered the three of us to walk this way.
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